Monday Morning Tutorial Sessions


16 January, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Tutorial 1: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Power System Operation and Trading under Smart Grid

Instructors: Dr. Farrokh Rahimi and Dr.  Ali Ipakchi  (Open Access Technology International, Inc.)


Summary: The tutorial starts with an overview of regulatory, operational, and business drivers shaping the future of the electric power industry and energy markets. It then addresses the challenges of power system operations under high penetration of variable generation on one hand, and emerging mitigation opportunities provided by demand-side resources on the other. Finally, it addresses values that can be created through full integration of demand-side and distributed resources, and discusses opportunities for new market products and services, trading and scheduling requirements, and associated benefits and risks. These are illustrated through examples and case studies.


1.       Regulatory and Business Drivers and Framework

2.       Use of Demand-Side Resources to address System Operational Issues  

3.       Demand Response Opportunities in ISO/RTO Markets

4.       Benefit Assessment

5.       Concluding Remarks and Q/A


16 January, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tutorial 2: Smart Substation Technologies and Applications

Instructors: J.C. TAN and  K. J. Svensen,  Mott MacDonald, Inc.


Summary: This four-hour tutorial is an introduction on state-of-the-art smart substation technologies and their applications in new and retrofitting substations. Two international projects will be given to demonstrate how Smart Substation technologies are integrated into substation specification, design, construction and commission testing before energization.


1.       Overview of Substation Design

2.       Merging Technology

3.       Application Examples/International Projects



Monday Tutorial Sessions


16 January, 8:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Advanced DA/DMS Applications in Smart Grid

Instructor: Dr. Jiyuan Fan & John D. McDonald, GE Energy


Summary: This course introduces the intuitive concepts, fundamental theories, practical technologies,core functionalities and real use cases of the advanced Distribution Automation & Management(DA/DMS) applications in Smart Grid. The potential audiences would include the power systemplanning/operation engineers, project/product managers, business leaders in power utilities, smart gridsolution providers, system developers, as well as other institutes and individuals working on orinterested in the Smart Grid solutions. The course will cover the following break-down topics onDA/DMS: Overall Framework and Architecture of DA/DMS Systems in Smart Grid, Distribution SystemOperation Models and Advanced Applications for Distribution System Operation, Analysis andOptimization, DER Management and Optimization, Consumer Participation and the Impacts to theDistribution System Operation, DMS system integration with other systems in Smart Grid.


1.       Introduction of Distribution Automation & Management Systems

2.       Distribution System Models in DA/DMS

3.       Advanced Applications in DA/DMS

4.       Chapter 4. Future Developments

5.       Chapter 5. General Discussion



Friday Morning Tutorial Sessions


20 January, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Cyber Security of Smart Grid

Instructor: Dr. Manimaran Govindarasu, Iowa State University


Summary: This tutorial will address the cyber security concerns that accompany smart grid deployments and detail current needs to help mitigate those risks. Specific topics will include security of SCADA, smart metering infrastructures, and initiatives with the NASPInet architecture. Specific attention will address network protocols, trust requirements, and resulting vulnerabilities. Risk management frameworks will also be discussed with a specific characterization of smart grid technologies, including the identification of critical assets, security compliance responsibilities, and risk mitigation techniques.



1.      Cyber threats, vulnerabilities
2.      Risk assessment and mitigation
3.      SCADA security, WAMS/NASPInet security, AMI security
4.      Cyber-physical system security
5.      Cyber security testbeds
6.      Overview of NIST Smart Grid Cyber Security, NERC CIP standards



Microgrids - Designing Their Role in Smart Grid

Instructor: Erich Gunter, EnerNex


Summary: The tutorial introduces the concept and role that Microgrids will play in the evolution of the smart grid. The course material is based on the ongoing implementation of a utility Microgrid and a planned customer-owned Microgrid. Students will be introduced to Microgrid concepts, drivers that influence the Microgrid, as well the projected market for Microgrids. The course will address Microgrid design aspects, engineering considerations, and architectures based on developed used cases. The attendee will leave with an understanding of the key aspects pertaining to designing and implementing a Microgrid.


1.       The case for microgrids

2.       Considerations

3.       Use cases and technical architecture

4.       Technical Architecture

5.       Microgrid design

6.       Microgrid marketplace

7.       Overview of a customer-owned Microgrid

8.       Conclusion