Yuri Khersonsky

Dr. Khersonsky has diverse experience in research, development, production, marketing and application of power electronics, electric drives, motion controls and ship power distribution systems. Among his achievements are Solid-State power converters and circuit breakers for the U.S. Navy, Power Conditioning systems for stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants, Servo-drives for CAT Scanners, Machine Tools & Robots, industrial drives, DC and AC PM Motors. He is a Life Senior Member of the IEEE and its Industrial Applications, Power Electronics and Power Engineering societies and is a member of IAS Industrial Power Conversion, Industrial Drives and Marine Industries and PELS Standards Committees. He is the chair of IEEE P1662, P 1709 and P1826 working groups and the co-chair of IEEE Std. 519 “IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems”. Dr. Khersonsky is a co-founder of the IEEE Electrical Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS) and served as Technical Chair of the ESTS in 2005, 2007 and 2009. He is a Life Member of the Naval League and the Surface Navy Association, Member of the American Society of Naval Engineers, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and the Naval Submarine League. He holds 5 patents and has published over 80 papers and 2 books. He received his MS Engineer's Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and his Ph.D. in Technical Sciences from Odessa Polytechnic Institute.