Vahid Madani

Vahid Madani (Fellow IEEE) is the technology lead for advanced wide-area warning systems and system integrity protection schemes (SIPS), and is responsible for Protection and Control Standards and modernization at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E), USA. He is a member of the several academic honor societies in the US, and a registered Electrical Engineer with nearly three decades of academic and utility experience. He is the recipient of many distinguished citations for leadership, innovations and contributions to the power system industry and education.

His latest assignment is deployment of the large scale interconnected advanced warning systems, integration of synchrophasor technology into the PG&E’s Energy Management System (EMS), and development of synchrophasor based adaptive protection and interconnected SIPS.

Mr. Madani has various technical, advisory, and leadership roles in North America and internationally. He has numerous publications in referred Journals, special publications in IEEE, and has contributed to the development of many applications in system protection, systems coordination, and intelligent restoration.