Terry Boston

Terry Boston
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Boston has served for over three years as CEO of PJM Interconnection, which is the largest power grid in North America and the largest electricity market in the world.

Mr. Boston is chairman of the North American Transmission Forum, dedicated to excellence in performance and sharing industry best practices. He was one of the eight industry experts selected to direct the NERC investigation of the August 2003 Northeast/Midwest blackout.

Mr. Boston was chosen by Intelligent Utilities Magazine as one of 2011 Top 11 Industry Movers and Shakers, and led PJM to win the Platts 2010 Global Leadership Award.
Mr. Boston also serves as a U.S. vice president of the International Council of Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), and vice president of the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions.

Prior to joining PJM, Mr. Boston was the executive vice president of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s power system operations. TVA is the largest electricity wholesaler and largest public power provider in the U.S. In his 35 years at TVA, Mr. Boston directed divisions in transmission and power operations, pricing and contracts, and electric system reliability.

He served three years as chairman of the Southeastern Electric Reliability Council board of directors and executive committee.

He also served three years on the NERC Board/ Stakeholders Committee and has recently been elected to the NERC Members Representative Committee.

Mr. Boston holds a bachelors of science in engineering from Tennessee Technological University and a masters of science in engineering administration from the University of Tennessee.