Renato Cespedes

Dr. Cespedes is Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the National Polytechnique Institute of Grenoble, France and has experience in the areas or operation and analysis of Power Systems, SCADA and Energy Management Systems (EMS) including the associated communications systems, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Market Management Systems (MMS) and Power System Strategic decisions and planning. He has been project manager or consultant for a number of proyects worldwide including countries such as Unites States, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Togo, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and other Latin American countries. At present Dr. Cespedes is CEO & General Manager of RConsulting Group (consulting firm) in Bogota, Colombia, after 20 years of experience with KEMA Inc. (USA Consulting firm) as Director for Latin America Office. Dr Cespedes is Technical Director for “Colombia Intelligent” (Colombia Inteligente) the main innovation activity for smart grid in Colombia for electrical sector. He is associate professor of the National University of Colombia in Power Systems and Control. He is also IEEE senior member. Dr. Céspedes has been invited speaker in major conferences, has published more than 65 papers and has been expert for the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), and OLADE.