Narain Hingorani

Narain G. Hingorani PhD, DSc. IEEE Fellow, Member NAE

In 1995, following a twenty year career at EPRI, including last 5 years as Vice President of Electrical Systems, Dr. Hingorani retired from EPRI and started consulting in Application of Power Electronics in Power Systems. Prior to joining EPRI, Dr. Hingorani spent 6 years at Bonneville Power Administration. Presently Dr Hingorani provides consulting services in the area of development and application of power electronics.

Dr. Hingorani is credited with originating power-electronics based concepts of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) and Custom Power, for smart control of ac power transmission and distribution systems respectively.

He has also done significant pioneering work in High Voltage DC Transmission Technology. He was responsible for commissioning in 1970, the world’s largest and the first US HVDC power transmission project for transmission of 2000 MW power between Oregon and Southern California over a distance of 800 miles. He has helped many utilities in specifying, purchase and commissioning of HVDC Systems. Recently he has been involved in procurement of Trans-Bay Cable Project and presently helping Power grid Corporation of India on procurement of + 800kV 6000 MW Multi-Terminal Project.

He has authored over 200 papers and articles on HVDC and ac transmission, and co-authored two books, one on HVDC power transmission (1960) and the other on Flexible AC Power Transmission (1999).

Dr. Hingorani received a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Baroda University in India, and M.Sc., Ph.D. and Doctor of Science degrees from the University of Manchester, England.

In 1985, Dr. Hingorani was presented the Uno Lamm Medal by the IEEE Power Engineering Society for outstanding contributions in High Voltage Direct Current Technology, and later received the 1995 IEEE Lamme Gold Medal for leadership and pioneering contributions to the transmission and distribution of electric power. He is a Life Fellow of IEEE. In 2006 Dr. Hingorani received the prestigious Franklin Institute Medal and Prize for Science. In 1988, Dr. Hingorani was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering and has served on National Academies T&D Group for America’s Energy Future and other groups. From 1988 to1996, he was Chairman of CIGRE Study Committee 14: DC Links and Power Electronics.