Géza Joós

Géza Joós holds the NSERC/Hydro-Quebec Industrial Research Chair on the Integration of Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation into the Electric Distribution Grid (2009-) and a Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Distribution Systems (2011-) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at McGill University (Montreal, Canada, 2001-). His current research interests are in distributed generation and renewable energy, advanced distribution systems and microgrids. He was previously with ABB, the Université du Québec and Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). He has consulting experience in the areas of power electronic converters, with applications to power systems, and power system planning and operation (CEATI). He is active in working groups of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), dealing with distribution systems and distributed generation, and of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society, dealing with power electronic applications to power systems. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada.