Bartosz Wojszczyk

Dr Bartosz Wojszczyk is a technology and business expert in the areas of T&D engineering & operations, smart grids, renewable & distributed energy technologies, protection & automation, electric vehicles and energy storage. Dr Wojszczyk has a wide range of experience including technology application research & development, technology benchmarking & investment justification, technology & business positioning, contract management, strategy & operations, organizational start-up & redesign, and investor relationship development. He has a number of years of international experience working directly with electric utilities, power/energy vendors and energy investment groups. He has served successfully as a Marketing Product Manager, Global Market Director, Senior Vice President, and CTO for various US and international companies including: Accenture, Quanta-Technology (Quanta Services), Legrand-Fael (Legrand), and others. Dr Wojszczyk has authored/co-authored 30 published technical papers in the areas of smart grids, electric vehicles, distributed and renewable energy resources, and protection and automation. Most recently, he was one of the lead contributor to “Technology Roadmap – Smart Grids” developed by International Energy Agency (IEA). He was the Technical Lead Author of the report “Technology Actions Plan – Smart Grids” developed by the Major Economic Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) for the G20 Summit in Copenhagen . He co-authored the industry study “Betting on Science – Distributive Technologies in Transport Fuels” (sections: PHEV, V2G, Charging Stations, Batteries 101, and PHEV – Utility Perspective) and the industry report “Accelerating Smart Grid Investments” (prepared by the World Economic Forum). He is an active member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES), Standards Association (IEEE SA) and IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee. He presently serves as Secretary of the IEEE Distributed Generation & Energy Storage Subcommittee. He was a member of the System Protection subcommittee and working groups on "Performance of Relaying during Wide-Area Stressed Conditions". He is a member of DistribuTECH Advisory Committee and the Smart Grid Advisory Board for International Energy Agency (IEA).