Ali Abur

Dr. Ipakchi has over 33 years of experience in information technology applications to power systems and electric utility operations. As the VP of Smart Grid and Green Power at OATI, he is responsible for product development, and the growth of the business in the Smart Grid area, with an emphasis on integration of demand-side capabilities with power systems operations. Prior to OATI, he was Vice President of Integration Services at KEMA, assisting utility clients with roadmaps, specifications and implementation strategies for operational and automation systems particularly in Smart Grid area. Dr. Ipakchi held various senior management positions at leading T&D and Control Center vendors, supporting power application development and system solutions delivery to the power industry. He has led new business-line and organizational development initiatives, and has managed product development and delivery teams. His areas of experience include utility and power systems operations, enterprise and operational IT systems, distribution automation, ISO energy markets, trading floors, power generation, and, distributed and renewable resources. He is co-holder of three US patents on power systems applications and instrument diagnostics.

Dr. Ipakchi has been an active member of NEASB Smart Grid task force, a member of NIST SGIP, UCAi OpenSG and a number of other industry initiatives for demand response, smart grid and interoperability standards. He is frequently an invited speaker at industry smart grid events.